User Research

Putting ourselves in your customer’s shoes.

Through interviews, user workshops and observations we learn about the challenges of consumers to gain valuable insights about their needs.

To create a truly meaningful innovation, we always aim to learn more about the customers and stakeholders in a personal dialogue. Through interviews, user workshops, observations and conversations, we learn about the daily routines and challenges of consumers to gain valuable insights regarding their needs.

User Research by Noto Design

from research to design requirements

It is important to identify the different customers’ needs, in Vaillant’s case the buyer and the installer, to transform important insights into design requirements. We did this through interviews, group discussions and more. The insights represent the fundament for innovative ideas as well as highly accepted design solutions.

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CONCEPT validation

Gaining insights in close dialogue with the user is the first step to human centered design solutions. But often the concepts based on these are just executed without testing them. We help our clients to enter the dialogue with their customers again at an early concept phase to safe resources in development.

User Research by Noto Design
Create Positive by Noto Design


CREATE POSITIVE is a new approach and process to innovation, developed by Noto and partners in a funded project. Setting the fulfillment of human inner motivations and psychological needs as the core drivers to innovate, CREATE POSITIVE enables you to inspire and create truly positive and meaningful experiences for your users.