Innovation Consulting

How we can pave your way to future growth.

With our Established Process and proven methods we gather relevant insights to define value propositions that grow businesses.

As markets change faster and their complexity is increasing you are obligated to rethink your business constantly. Many business models have been disrupted, because nobody questioned them while user needs and environmental circumstances have been changed rapidly. We cannot predict the future, but we can help to sharpen the fuzzy picture of it in order to question the current status quo.

Innovation Consulting by Noto Design

Insights Driven Innovation APPROACH

We strongly believe in an innovation process that starts with identifying human needs. Entering into a personal dialogue, gathering a deep understanding of people’s behavior and connecting these insights to contextual trends – such as radical technology shifts – is key to spot opportunity areas for future growth.

User Research


Multiple developments outside your company require a critical discussion of your business model or at least a continuous evolution of your roadmap. If organizations want to be prepared for the future, they have to innovate constantly. We cannot predict the future but envision it and support you in structuring and managing the process.

Innovation Consulting by Noto Design