Industrial Design

Shaping desirable products with your goals in mind.

in a Collaborative process, WE revise, sharpen and polish every detail to create products that evoke emotions and make your business more successful.

We blend curiosity and nearly 20 years of experience in product design to make you stand out of the crowd. Our team of creative experts is able to translate visionary concepts and innovative ideas into tangible products and has been awarded with the most recognized design awards.

Industrial Design by Noto Design

Beyond Expectations

Your goals in mind doesn’t mean you could expect what we come up with. We love to surprise you and shaping products you would never have imagined. For Bang & Olufsen we had the opportunity to create the tangible expression of their Vision of Sound. From a simple briefing, we developed a design concept which turned out as spectacular as the acoustic concept behind.

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Love to the detail

When designs tend to be simplified and clear, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the smallest details. In case of the remotes for Crestron, high gloss side walls add precision to the product and the satin finish a perfect touch. It also has an execution with nearly invisible parting lines and refined gaps.

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Industrial Design by Noto Design
Industrial Design By Noto Design

color, materials, finish

Products come to live with a well thought through color, material and texture concept. We help our clients with either move a design concept in a dedicated direction by CMF or defining concepts which allow to move it in multiple directions to simplify the life-cycle management of a product. Our team knows about the newest developments and has the sensitivity for trends, cultural meanings and brand values to develop and apply successful CMF-concepts.