Experience Design

Creating your value proposition along the entire customer journey.

people do not just purchase products, or services, they buy ‘meaning’ – where users’ needs are not only satisfied by form and function, but especially through experience.

To create an innovative value proposition, it is essential to understand a product (or a service) as an experience. Before creating the concept, we seek to truly understand user needs and analyze what is happening between products and users. By blending curiosity and know-how, we create experiences beyond expectations.

Expereince Design by Noto Design

connecting physical and digital experience

Digitalization leads to a comprehensive change in products, services, processes and business models. At the same time people value physical experiences in a more sensual way. For Beosound Moment we developed the coin concept. A two-sided interface with the beautiful touch of an interactive wooden surface on the one side and the endless digital world of music-streaming on the other.

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Boundaries between physical products, services and digital interactions are close to non-existing. Using our CREATE POSITIVE approach, we started solely with the user by gathering qualitative insights on the activity of coffee brewing. We identified major differences in psychological needs between different coffee brewing routines and learned that being part of the process is as pleasurable as enjoying the result.

Experience Design by Noto Design