Design Strategy

Leverage our years of experience to enhance your value proposition.

Implementing design as a strategy creates significant value for the company while also outperforming the cost of the collaboration.

The additional value lies in the identification of business opportunities, differentiated solutions to attract new customers, being more visible in competitive markets, strengthening of the brand, increased customer loyalty, development of innovation capabilities and an efficient product development process.

Design Strategy by Noto Design

Design, marketing and sales

To achieve the commercial success of an innovation, it is necessary that the Design department works hand in hand with Marketing and Sales. Eager to meet business goals, we provide the required orientation in the decision making and make sure that design is seen as a top-management issue.


Together with Kapten & Son we successfully developed a portfolio strategy to accelerate their growth. The company started with one watch model about three years ago and is now already offering more than 20 products we have been responsible for.

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Design Strategy by Noto Design