Design Research

Evaluating markets and exploring trends in culture, design and tech.

We Need to learn more about the customers and compile a deeper understanding of the competitor landscape to identify business opportunities.

To ensure full alignment with partners, contextual research insights provide orientation in the early design phase. Taking one step back to get a look at the bigger picture, our design research and strategy team tracks current design and market trends and reviews competitors’ products and services to broadcast suitable business opportunities for our partners.

Design Research by Noto Design

Contextual trend research

It is important to get a contextual overview of the design and market trends in the early design phase to gain the needed knowledge to define future innovations. Our experienced design and strategy team knows the state-of-the-art of current trends and keeps themselves updated to provide matching opportunities for our partners businesses.

Focus on Competitors landscape

To be able to create a successful and truly meaningful business innovation, it is indispensable to also have a close look on the competitors’ landscape. Our design and strategy experts analyse the products and activities of other companies to find future business opportunities for our partners before compiling a solid business analysis.

Design Research by Noto Design