Design Implementation

What you see is what you get.

Ensuring the design quality through the process from design concept to market launch

We support our customers in the implementation by managing vendor communication and if needed suggesting suitable suppliers. For a seamless exchange our CAD specialists generate 3D data in common formats accompanied by detailed spec-sheets.

Design Implementation by Noto Design

handling internals

For our long-term client Swisscom we carry out an iterative process of manufacture-specific adaptions to bring all components in place without compromising the design. Our designers are experienced in positioning antennas, define accurate placements for boards and connectors as well as managing heat issues.

design  for manufacturing

Based on our expertise in mechanical and technical design we create products that result in the highest degree of feasibility and are ready for production. For the Kati Blitz we collaborated with our client’s preferred toolmaker and manufacturer to tailor the concept to his conditions. The result: Parts that fit perfectly and come out of the tool with no twist.

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Design Implementation by Noto Design