Brand Design Language

Strengthen your brand recognition with a cohesive product portfolio.

Design isn´t a temporary measure, it serves as a long-term oriented strategic tool, that ensures your companies performance – if applied consistently.

We help our clients define all relevant components of a design guideline: formal shapes representing your brands core values, dedicated CMF palettes, explicit logo treatment rules, interface & interaction logic and visual language for product visualisation.

Brand Design Language by Noto Design

What you will gain from creating related products

Developing a distinctive approach and a consistent product portfolio will lead to an improved brand recognition and you will be able to strengthen the relationship between your target audience and your brand. Creating cohesive customer experiences across all touch points by making the brand values tangible will lead to enhanced trust into the company. The consistency will also lead to a more secure product development process.

From Brand values to Product Design

To develop a consistent range of seamlessly integrated communication tools, our goal was to inform all details within the design process by the idea to capture Swiss values. Examining these, we created a clean and precise corporate product portfolio, perfectly translating values like purism or modernity into products which offer maximum ease of use.

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Brand Design Language by Noto Design