Q2 Mesh Wifi Router

Technology blending in home interior

Huawei Q Router by Noto Design

We are partnering with the chinese company Huawei – A global player in Mobile-Communication – for more than ten years now. This collaboration finds its latest expression in a new router.

Routers are essential objects to get access to the internet. They are present in every home, but often unpopular and hidden in dusty corners, by the expense of signal distribution in opposite corners. Regular repeater aren’t solving this issue, but the Mesh network technology can: The satellite access points get full-speed internet access without the potential of wireless degradation from the main hub. But this innovative approach requires even more tech-boxes all over people’s home.

Huawei Q Router by Noto Design
Huawei Q Router by Noto Design

Desirability over technological appearance

When Huawei asked us to provide a design for their mesh router, we strived for a new approach. Instead of wrapping the platform in a classic technology appearance we believed in making them more desirable by blending them seamlessly in contemporary home environments – inspired by decorative ceramics.

With its slender appearance and a top edge suggesting a strength in material it is associated with a shape of a vase. The required perforation for ventilation is smartly integrated in the groove and becomes invisible. Due to the developed architecture with built in antennas it is possible to design the router as sleek as it is, without being less powerful.

Huawei Q Router by Noto Design

Domesticated Plug’N’Play Router

With no hassle the router can be connected to HiLink Smart Home devices with just one click. The Q2 exists to domesticate technology and make a high-performance router part of the interior.

Huawei Q Router by Noto Design

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