Horizon Dimmers and Keypads

Adaptable technology – customized for every demand

Crestron is known as an innovative, but also as a complex smart home solution pioneer. It was Crestron’s wish to bring the quality of the controls, in terms of design and usability, to the same high level as the background operating technology. The Horizon Keypad line was created based on this briefing.


Smart networks from different electronic devices in buildings are no longer a specialty. However, the design requirements are just as high as the installation space small. On the one hand, complex relations must be translated into simple interactions and, as an intersection to the user, their needs must be mapped as best as possible. On the other hand, the technology should blend seamlessly into the users living space. In addition, the user interface must be customizable, both in terms of different user habits and varying numbers of linked devices.

Your world, your style

As different as the Crestron customers are, so is the ambience in which they use their smart home technologies. This was the reason why we chose a customizable and adaptable design language.

During our research, which dealt with technical requirements and interior design of American households as well as the applicable engineering standards, new product requirements came up, which we had to include in our implementation of the user interface.

Highly configurable

With the Horizon controllers and dimmers from Crestron, we have successfully created a modular control system that can be adapted for every application and every lifestyle. The configurable keys can be freely combined in function, operating mode and size – according to the wishes of the user. Each key can be assigned and named separately. Personal key labels requested by the customer are created individually and backlit by LEDs. This guarantees optimal readability even in poor lighting conditions.

Designed to complement any decor

After you have decided on the main color and arrangement as well as the number of switches, Horizon offers another special feature. Magnets allow easy assembly and disassembly of the upper and lower housing covers. This part can also be designed individually – by the user himself or by a specialist of his choice.

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