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beolab 28

Powerful sound experience in a slender design

Column speaker architectures have a strong heritage at Bang & Olufsen. The idea of having an elegant sculpture with a minimal footprint fits B&O’s approach to create both – recognizable and domestic objects. With Beolab 28 we were able to define a new level of acoustic performance in this category, especially by turning the pedestal into a powerful woofer cabinet. The speaker unit, packed with another couple of drivers and delivering a surprisingly room filling sound, is carried by a backbone structure that creates the illusion of a column floating in the air.

expanding the stageD Speaker portfolio

In our long-term partnership with B&O we aim for creating a holistic vision, with heritage and future of the brand in mind. The Beolab28 completes their high-end speaker portfolio and reflects our common approaches, while creating products for future living. Its flexibility in stereo adjustments and assembly allows multiple use cases.

Even though the Beolab 28 comes with twice the weight of its predecessor, its cylindrical column is designed even more slender. Thanks to the slim silhouette it can be integrated in every interior. The modular backbone construction allows a floor standing as well as a wall-mount solution.

wide’n’narrow – when the curtain opens the magic begins

When turned on, the speaker opens its wooden curtains for a striking cinematic experience.

The Beam Width Control can be adjusted in two ways: A narrow mode bundles the sound to create a directed spot of ultimate sound experience by minimizing the interference of side wall reflections. While the wide mode opens the listening area up to fill the room with its whole range of complex sound.

Besides wireless connectivity, the intuitive touch user interface on top enables an easy operation directly at the speaker, which makes it the first of its kind in this category.

Stunning from a distance – mesmerizing in its detailing

The main components are made of luxury and honest materials like aluminum and wood or high-quality fabric, to not only create a sensory experience by the sound but also when touching it. Exclusive but also a promise for longevity. The craftsmanship, in its variety of shape and manufacturing technics, is a key element of the brand. Especially the aluminum parts are a paradigm of the unique capabilities of legendary factory 5, B&O’s powerhouse for processing aluminum.

a brave partner

The partnership between Bang & Olufsen and Noto is a story about success, that – once again – resulted in an impressive versatile all-in-one speaker that combines acoustical innovation with smart speaker features.

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