Kati® Blitz Mini
Innovative solutions for a market-leading product

Technical innovation in functional design: The cable handcraft in save hands

Following the trends but striking a new path: we react on the broadband expansion with developing a product which is used to lay subsequent optical fiber cables more efficiently and accurately.

Cable installation can be cumbersome, especially in the existing urban context where the conduits are blocked by older cables. Blocking by cables, narrow and twisted areas or tape breaks of unwieldy retractable devices when positioning the cable are challenging. We at Noto Design worked with our long time partner Katimex® to iterate a solution which significantly improved the cable installation process for its clients and to increase their product portfolio. In the past, we have worked with Kati® Blitz Compact 2.0 to design a tool which simplifies the process of installing cables inside a duct. The Kati® Mini Blitz convinces with its handiness and functionality and is compact, fast and easy to use.

Innovative solutions for a market-leading product

Innovative technology in a modern design

The Kati® Blitz Mini consists of an exchange cassette which can hold up to 35 meter of cable and can rotate in both directions which enables a controlled  installation.  The product also consists of a guiding element (Flexi Probe Mini) which helps in guiding the cable through curvy, empty spaces inside the duct and prevents the cables from breaking. The integrated stopping mechanism increases the speed of installation and reduces the level of aggravation. We have been able to create a thin, unclad glass fiber ribbon. The Kati Blitz has been designed by keeping in mind the corporate identity of Katimex®. The modified version has maintained the visual characteristics of Compact 2.0 with addition of black grip and interactive features. An iteration which was derived based on the understanding the need and possible requirements of the end user.

Innovative solutions for a market-leading product

Strengthening innovation in product design with Katimex

Noto Design helped Katimex® to increase their market identity in the cable industry by introducing Kati® Blitz Mini. The feedback, which was seen at the Light + Building World’s Leading Trade Fair, was promising.


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