Kapten & Son
Product design as a factor in diversification

Designing a new product category to expand the portfolio!

Our cooperation partner Kapten & Son has declared a clear target for their own future: Become the number one accessory-outfitter in their target group! We are helping them to achieve this goal.

The company had already moved out of the niche watch market with their collection of sunglasses. Now another product category, designed by Noto is following: Backpacks!

Product design: Tailormade for the target group

Kapten & Son’s customers expect their brand to be a loyal companion to them in all their travels and ventures. With this in mind, what makes more sense than expanding their collection to include backpacks. Products which shouldn’t be absent in any of the everyday and extraordinary activities undertaken by the relevant target group.

To start with, the collection is made up of four models. These are characterised by practical details and an authentic choice of materials. The appearance of the backpacks is defined by fashionable restraint and even though they are practical, no design cues from sporty outdoor gear can be found. The cut of the models is puristic yet elegant and all the buckles and functional elements are made of metal, rather than plastic.

Promising start for the product diversification

Kapten & Son released the backpack collection in Autumn 2017 and all models were already sold out by Christmas. For us, this is a clear indicator that we have taken a step in the right direction, not just with this new product category, but also with the design of each single backpack.


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