Why we believe in business design

And why you should, too!

Our design philosophy is the product of a journey of discovery. It took exploration, experience and experimentation for us to realise what makes an impact and leaves a lasting legacy. So let’s start at the very beginning.

Designers are driven by the ability to create something out of nothing. André Poulheim and I became designers for this reason, and it’s why we still live and breathe design today. From the early days of our professional careers, we observed and noted how different companies used design. Some don’t use it at all, and others only see design as important in certain technical departments. But there were always those companies where design formed a part of their DNA. These were the real trailblazers. The leaders of these organisations understood the entire user, customer or client experience. They knew that design was not just about creating visual, aesthetic solutions, but about understanding the big picture.

The brands with the most vision saw that experiences extended to products, services, company representatives, architecture – literally every touchpoint you could think of between the company and a client or user. The impact of this approach was evident. We saw these companies as the paragons we wanted to emulate. We founded our business with this goal in mind: to design holistic experiences.

 After countless projects through the years, we came to realise that this wasn’t enough. We could see that the experiences we were creating were joyful, but what made them endure? What took an experience from short-term satisfaction to something that had a sustainable positive impact? Design for wellbeing. André and I identified that design endures when it continues to support the general wellbeing of its users.

Our vision developed: We wanted every designable experience to enrich life.

When considering the sustainability of design, we were inspired by the challenge of delivering life-enriching new experiences to bigger audiences. How do you do that? Well, we’ve realised that sustainability today is the result of three value pillars: social, ecological and economical. All three are important, but without the economical pillar, keeping a vision alive is difficult. This is why we integrated business design into our approach. Even the most beautifully crafted value proposition is unlikely to survive if the business model supporting it is not robust and resilient. There is an unfortunate prejudice, especially here in Germany, against successful businesses – as though somehow the more economically viable a concept, the more unlikely it is that it is beneficial, positive or enriching. However, we know that if we can contribute to the creation of a successful business model, then it is more likely that a life-enriching idea is going to find its way into the world.

The motivation to create something new, from nothing, is still at the heart of our world view as designers, and it allows us to see fresh opportunities in every company that approaches us. But today, we need to project into the future. We still have a lot to learn, but we believe that business design is a force driving us forward, fuelling our creative energy and our strategies, in order to deliver our clients a holistic, sustainable and enriching design service.

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