and Start-up cooperations

We combine creativity with strategic thinking to help our partners being more successful. In various cooperation projects with start-ups and established companies we could envision new markets, identify opportunities and create new ideas and business models.

A lean product development process is vital to making concepts a reality. It is essential to be swift and efficient, especially when resources are limited. Validating your value proposition and testing the killer features of your product are the main disciplines needed to shape your business model and hit the ground running.

Design of a product family: Chapter two for more Lifestyle

Leveraging success by defining brand values and establishing creative direction.

The story of Kapten & Son is one of success and collaboration. The founders of this fashion-related start-up approached us as a company which had found some success with a customizable watch, using well-targeted influencer marketing on various media channels. Following this success, there was a need to develop the company further and create a portfolio of watches.

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How playful experiences help to do the right thing!

IKEA opened its worldwide premiere “more sustainable store” in Kaarst in October 2017. More sustainability in all areas of the business is put into practise here in order to realise the goal of implementing functional solutions within Germany and internationally. With these goals in mind, IKEA asked us to develop and design the process of recycling goods for customers.

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Wellbeing as a starting point for design. Renewing the design thinking approach

Inspired by everyday interactions, product development is being driven by a pursuit of wellbeing.

Most of us wish our lives were simpler, and this has prompted rapid innovations in automation and smart technology. Where there was once a hunger for consumption, an ‘experience’ economy has emerged, fuelling a desire for products and services which improve wellbeing and have a long-term impact. As well as providing a positive experience with each use, products and services designed with wellbeing in mind also create a lasting relationship between customer and company. So how are designers embracing the challenge of developing products that emphasise positive experiences and wellbeing?

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A great idea will stay just an idea forever without the strategy to bring it to life.

New start-ups can find themselves quickly running out of resources if they don’t have a strong business and design strategy. For Heimplanet, one spark of inspiration became a successful outdoor lifestyle brand by utilising a lean product development process.

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Design and business development strategy for a start-up venture - Testing hypothesis with a minimum viable product
Business Design: Testing market hypothesis with a minimum viable product

For Start-ups, a lean product development process is vital to making concepts a reality.

Start-ups have limited, precious resources, alongside their endless capacity for ideas. We worked with emerging company Ampero to bring their vision of rentable power banks, for charging smartphones, to market as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

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Pooling resources and pushing potential: Creating a smart and sustainable logistics solution.

The traditional wooden pallet is the primary building block for how FMCG companies transport their stock. But it has its drawbacks. Changing the way the industry operates could lead to financial savings and open up new business opportunities for FMCG brands.

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Innovative technical design opens up new business opportunities by leveraging a lean product development process

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