About Heimplanet

Location:  Hamburg, Germany

Story:  Heimplanet is all about finding a new side to the great outdoors and celebrating the good times away from home. Heimplanet stands for travelling, new ideas and the drive to accomplish things in a creative way.

Industry:  Outdoor

Website:  www.heimplanet.com

Cooperation:  Since 2008

Products:  The Cave, The Wedge, Mavericks

Awards:  iF Product Design Award 2012

Offered services:  Product Design, Business Design

Project scope:  Prototyping, Minimum Viable Product, Business Development, Customer Development, Innovative Design

Testimonial:  „During the search for an experienced design partner for the journey from idea to a market-ready product, we were lucky enough to come across Noto. Together, we developed the DNA for Heimplanet tents, the external inflatable support structures which represent the perfect symbiosis of technical function and aesthetic appearance wonderfully. Together with Noto, we were able to consequently make the sometimes radical – but necessary – decisions in all phases of product development, right up to the implementation.” (Stefan Clauss – Co-Founder & CEO)